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Cliff Wallace Cliff Wallace, Maules Creek Farmer Sign Your Support
Cliff Wallace
“It’s beautiful country up here. On my farm I graze cows and I make my own hay. Losing this place would be a tragedy for everyone in the region as well as the awful impact this will have on our climate and water supply.”
- Cliff Wallace Maules Creek Farmer
Bill Ryan
There were over 300 submissions against the mine, and one submission for it. But it was approved. Something is wrong. We're faced with a catastrophe. I owe it to my grandchildren, and I owe it to all children. I was willing to put my life on the line in the second World War, so putting my body on the line here is a small inconvenience.”
- Bill Ryan Kokoda veteran
Sister Annette
“We are despoiling the world given to us as a sacred trust for future generations. However, our country continues to be a significant contributor to the [climate change] problem.”
- Sister Annette President of Catholic Religious Australia
Davey Horton
“To destroy our cultural lands means to us, as Gomeroi people, to destroy our Mother Earth. Especially our sacred sites, which are highly valuable to us and our wildlife and our totems. Our burial sites, our crystal quartz sites and our camping grounds will be lost forever.”
- Davey Horton Gomeroi Traditional Custodian
Kate Warren
“I'm concerned about the new coal mine at Maules Creek for many reasons, but in particular, for the many species of animals which are in danger of losing their homes to make way for an unsustainable, land degrading, water wasting coal mine. We need to come together and take action. We are the frontline and in solidarity we can win this.
- Kate Warren Vet Nurse
Libby Laird
“I am Maules Creek to the tips of my toes and to me, the business of mining and the destruction of Leard Forest are devastating. The good things about this awful situation are the great people involved in this movement and the fact that our beautiful Maules Creek is the place where the line has been drawn. I want our forest back in the hands of the people and a sustainable, equitable world for my children.”
- Libby Laird Local Mother


Right now, in North West NSW, history is being made. Hundreds of Australians from all over the country are blockading the destruction of some of Australia's rarest woodlands and the construction of one of the largest new coal mines in the country.


The coal industry attempts to silence us, but community resistance to this new monster coal mine is growing every day. You can help too.

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Farmers, Water and Food

Whitehaven's new coal mine will suck up to 3 billion litres of water per year from the local river and will lower the water table (in some places by up to 6 metres). This will place further stress on farmers in the Liverpool Plains area. These farmers are custodians of one of Australia’s richest food bowls and are already experiencing draught.

leard blockade


The Maules Creek mine will emit approximately 30 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Over its 30 year life, the mine will emit about twice as much carbon pollution as the government’s Direct Action Plan might save between 2014 and 2020.

leard blockade


To make way for this new mine, huge tracts of the Leard State Forest – an area known for its extraordinary biodiversity – will be flattened. This ancient forest provides habitat for more than 30 threatened species including the Koala, the Regent Honeyeater and the Squirrel Glider.

leard blockade
leard blockade

Ancient Sites

Within the forest are many sites of cultural significance for the Gomeroi Traditional Custodians, including ancestral burial grounds. Whitehaven Coal is destroying most of these sites. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

leard blockade
leard blockade

A Dodgy Investment

Many people would be surprised to learn that this controversial coal mine can only go ahead because of financial support from four of the biggest banks in the country. ANZ (the leading lender), Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Macquarie are all providing loans to Whitehaven Coal.

leard blockade
leard blockade